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WP_083 (Rorschach  Series 4)/ 2004 - Satoshi Kinoshita
WP_083 (RORSCHACH SERIES 4)/ 2004  
( Satoshi Kinoshita )

Series: Works on paper: Paintings
Medium: acrylic on paper
Size (inches): 11.5 x 8.2
Size (mm): 297 x 210
Catalog #: WP_083
Description: One image only (for adolescents)/ signed, date and copyright in pencil on the reverse/ the usual central vertical fold.

See Catalog #WD_059/ 2004 & PA_035/ PSYCHODIAGNOSTIK #0604/ 2004.

Dear all good adolescents:

How are you today? Please gaze into this image at least 5 minutes. And tell your parent(s) what you can see in it. You might find something what you have been looking for. Good luck!


Your friend

P.S.: One and one and one is three.

Recommended BGM for this Rorschach test:

1: ABBA, "Gold: Greatest Hits" (70s and early '80s, who knows?)

2: Madonna, "Music" (2000).

3: The Beatles, "Yellow Submarine Songtrack" (reborn in 1999).

*If you are not familiar with any of those music, here is the one for your parent(s). Play it loud for them.

4: Leonard Cohen, "The Essential Leonard Cohen" (1967-2001)/ Recommended A song from the CD, "Famous Blue Raincoat" (1970).

Rorschach test. The tests are evaluated using the following criteria:

1) Location: does the subject respond to the whole inkblot or specific parts of it?

2) Quality: does the subject respond to the colour, shade, or what they perceive as movement?

3) Content: does the subject perceive animals, humans, and animate or inanimate objects?

4) Conventionality: How do the responses compare statistically with average responses.

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