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( Satoshi Kinoshita )

Series: Prints on canvas: Flags
Medium: print on canvas
Size (inches): 20 x 20 (image size)
Size (mm): 508 x 508 (image size)
Catalog #: PC_001
Description: From an edition of 25.Signed, titled, date, copyright, edition in magic ink on the reverse /Aside from the numbered edition of 5 artist's proofs and 2 printer's proofs.

I don't believe that there is anything this country cannot do. I don't believe there's any burden, or any responsibility, that any American would not assume to protect his country, to protect our security, to advance the cause of freedom. And I believe it incumbent upon us now to do that.

Franklin Roosevelt said in 1936 that that generation of Americans had a "rendezvous with destiny." I believe in 1960 and '61e and '2 and '3 we have a "rendezvous with destiny." And I believe it incumbent upon us to be the defenders of the United States and the defenders of freedom; and to do that, we must give this country leadership and we must get America moving again.

-Senator John F. Kennedy, Fourth Joint Television-Radio Broadcast ("Face-to-Face, Nixon-Kennedy")/ Friday, October 21, 1960

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500 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1820 (Between 42nd and 43rd) ...
Series Prints on canvas: Flags
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