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( Satoshi Kinoshita )

Series: Photography: San Francisco Bay Area / 1987
Medium: gelatin silver print / archival process
Size (inches): 14 x 11
Size (mm): 356 x 279
Catalog #: SF_01
Description: From an edition of 25. Printed recently. Signed, titled, date, copyright, edition in pencil on the reverse, aside from the numbered one vintage and 5 artist's proofs.

San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area, with a population of over seven million residents, is the metropolitan area that lies along the San Francisco Bay. This ten-county area consists of cities of various size that lie more or less contiguously around the length of the bay. Three large cities dominate the area: San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland. Because, unlike most other metropolitan areas in the United States, no single large city dominates the region, residents generally refer to the region generically as the Bay Area, without associating it with any one city. However, because San Francisco was historically the first major city in the area, and because of its densely urbanized character in constrast to its neighbors, people in the region often refer to San Francisco as simply the City.

The combined area of the nine Bay Area counties is 19,000 km2 (11,780 square miles).

-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Gallery opening
500 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1820 (Between 42nd and 43rd) ...
Series Photography: San Francisco Bay Area / 1987
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