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( Satoshi Kinoshita )

Series: Photography: AUST / 1986-1987
Medium: gelatin silver print / archival process
Size (inches): 14 x 11
Size (mm): 356 x 279
Catalog #: AUST_01
Description: From an edition of 25. Printed recently. Signed, titled, date, copyright, edition in pencil on the reverse, aside from the numbered one vintage and 5 artist's proofs.

In April of 1986 I planned two projects in Sydney, Australia.

At that time, I knew very little about Australia and had no special reason for choosing Sydney as the main "stage" of my projects. I think I was able to photograph the fragment of everyday happenings naturally on the basis of my personal ideas stripped of any bias and preconception.

The act of taking photographs is the starting point to grope for my own vision of life, and the work in the darkroom is the effective means of discovering and recognizing it. Even things that I cannot imagine when facing my subjects reveal themselves gradually during the process of developing the final prints. I then become clearly aware of the true meaning of my subjects. In this manner, I have gathered in this collection of photographs depicting the fragments of everyday subjects that continued to stimulate some kind of emotion in me until the end.

-Satoshi Kinoshita, June 1989/Osaka, Japan

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Series Photography: AUST / 1986-1987
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